Welcome Victor!

Victor Tyne, a physics and classics major from the University of Chicago, will be spending the summer in our lab. He joined through our department’s new undergraduate summer program. Details can be found here.

Welcome Youmian!

Graduate student Youmian You has begun her rotation in the lab! She will be applying smTIRF and fluorescence anisotropy to look at the competitive binding of transcription factors. Welcome Youmian!

Eric Galburt gave a seminar “at” Cornell University

Eric G. described work from the lab uncovering the mechanisms of transcription regulation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and visited virtually with the biophysics community at Cornell University. Here’s hoping the next visit will be in person!!!

Check out Eric Tomko’s newest work published in the Journal of Molecular Biology!

This research was in collaboration with the laboratories of Dylan Taatjes at UC Boulder, Steve Hahn at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and Susan Tsutakawa at LBNL. By comparing the double-stranded DNA processivity of the TFIIH motor subunit involved in transcription initiation, we propose a mechanistic explanation for why different Eukaryotes display distinct start-site […]