Welcome to undergraduate students Sasha and Abby!

Both are Washington University undergraduate students who have recently joined the lab! They will be getting their first taste of biomedical research and helping us out with our projects on transcription regulation in Mtb.

Victor presented his summer research.

Victor and his undergraduate colleagues presented their summer research posters. They spent the summer in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics department as part of a new program. Click here for more details

Lab lunch @ Little Saigon

We celebrated our awesome summer student Victor as he finishes up his research time with us with pho and Vietnamese coffee!

Welcome Victor!

Victor Tyne, a physics and classics major from the University of Chicago, will be spending the summer in our lab. He joined through our department’s new undergraduate summer program. Details can be found here.

Welcome Youmian!

Graduate student Youmian You has begun her rotation in the lab! She will be applying smTIRF and fluorescence anisotropy to look at the competitive binding of transcription factors. Welcome Youmian!